Bagley High School All-School Reunion


Reminiscing for the Reunion...

Grade 1 Class of 1966
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Grade 1 Class of 1966
Reminiscing for the reunion . . . .

The All-School Reunion will be held July 2-5, 2009 in Bagley.

1st Grade - Graduating Class of 1966

Top Row, from left to right: Patty Hough, Lois Abraham, Janie DeVenger, Roger Tollefson, Greg Olson, Donald Johnson, Howard Hole, Sherrie Larson, Jeanne Hegg, Larry Walker and Sharon Tollefson

Middle Row: Sharon Bricknac, Martha Ewers, Sandra Hallan, Michael Anderson, Arlen Marshall, Becky Olson, Cathleen Anderson, Gary Tharp, Bobby Kircher, Rowland Brown and Dale Merschman

Bottom Row: Phyllis Schultz, Darrel Gregory, Janet Muckala, Linda Sundbom, Carl Dahike, David Hallan, David Muckala and Patty Goetz